Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do you know....?

Whenever you try out a new cleaning product that you're not familiar with ALWAYS, ALWAYS pretest it on an inconspicuous spot. Unless you're familiar with it's usage and have used it on many surfaces many times before, pretesting is the "ounce of prevention" to equal the "pound of cure".
I've seen floors bubbled because the previous contractor used too strong of stripper for the floor.
I myself have a horror story of when I went to use a neutral cleaner on a rubberized gym floor.I used a green scrubbing pad and man, that thing foamed up like no ones business. I tried mopping it up because my autoscrubber vacuum quit on me (that's another story all together..) and ended up with a mess. In short, I called in a local rep and he helped me get it cleaned up with the right cleaner. No damage done,luckily. Just a big mess!
Same holds true if using a cleaner that has been sitting on a shelf for awhile. Compositions can change.
This applies to all cleaners - not just floor products. And above all remember these three words. READ THE LABEL. It's there to help folks...
Hope this helps!

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