Thursday, April 26, 2007

My webmaster recently posted a link to my blog on This is an EXCELLENT site for tips on cleaning, training, specialty cleaning, etc. Just about anything you need to know about the cleaning business or cleaning in general - you can probably find it on this website. It features cleaning professionals and their advice on cleaning and the industry. Check it out here.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Work Together

I network with a few other local cleaning companies - more of the "mom & pop' companies. Although one is among the top 10 companies locally, they are still mom & pop owned. I have profitted from knowing these people. Not just in business but I consider them friends as well. I would hope they have gained from knowing me as well. Business is about relationships. The money you make is merely a measure of success of your accomplishments. If you nuture your relationships and take care of them - the money will be there. I've always been a huge proponent of networking and it has paid off - both in making new friends and gaining business.
Network with other companies. You gain immensely. Not only from a business standpoint but also in making new connections with interesting people.
Good luck !

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Look Behind you!

When I'm cleaning a site I always try to take the time and walk back through the area I just cleaned. Too often I've found pieces of debris that have fallen out of my trash can or off of my dustmop, etc.
When cleaning I have found it is best when you finish an area to look behind you for anything you might inadvertently drop. It's best you find it right then instead of your customer finding it the next morning.
Hope this helps.

Light it up!

Last night I went to strip & wax a floor in a poorly lit entryway. It was rather difficult to make sure I got everything up due to the lighting. So I stripped the floor twice.- which meant extra time and extra stripper, but I wanted to make sure I did a good job for the customer.
When faced with a cleaning job - maximize your lighting so that all areas are cleaned and any spots are able to be removed. It will make your job easier and your customer will be pleased with the extra attention you gave the job. Hope this helps.