Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Be Gentle

When you come across a new cleaning problem that you haven't encountered before, it's always best to start with the LEAST aggressive method for handling it and move into the more aggressive method if needed.This includes chemical,cleaning pads, etc.
Obviously that is so you don't ruin or damage anything in the process of cleaning it.Also, check with cleaning reps about chemical interaction so as to make sure you don't create a volatile situation.
Or just do what I do - ASK SOMEONE! Your janitorial supply houses have probably run into a similar situation and can help you solve your problem a lot quicker and with a lot less headache.
Hope this helps!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

Six years ago today, The United States endured one of the worst attacks on our soil ever recorded. I remember standing in our living room watching in horror as the events unfolded on TV. My daughter was only a month old and I remember thinking "What kind of world have I brought her into?"
I remember all of the flags flying after that in a statement of solidarity. I drove around today and maybe saw a handful of flags out.
We must never forget the innocent victims of that day and those who fought to try to save them.Please show your support today by flying your flag at the very least.
Observe a moment of silence and say a small prayer for their families as today is a difficult day for them.
God Bless America.