Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gain by "giving" away

I bought my work van "used" to say the least. Today I went to get the rear view mirror mounted as it didn't have one when I bought it. I went to a local glass shop and they put it on free of charge.
I then went over to a tire shop to get a spare tire mounted. The guy that sold me the van gave me a tire to see if the owner of the tire shop would trade with me. He did. And I got a better tire for a spare. I also got that free of charge.
Both of these businesses just gained a new customer. All it cost them was a little time. They gave me something they just as easily could have charged for - but they didn't.The glass shop could have charged for mounting the mirror, and the tire shop could have charged me for mounting the tire.
If any of my vehicles need tires or window or glass repair - I will visit these businesses first. Simply because of the money they saved me this time around. They gave me value right out of the gate. For that, they gained my loyalty.
Have you given your customers value today? Think of ways to "give away" a product or service to gain new customers and I guarantee your business will explode.
Both of these businesses did and they now have a new customer.
Hope this helps.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Remember the Heroes

Today is Memorial Day. Today is the day we give thanks to those who have given us our freedom and who continue to stand vigil so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom.
Let us not forget those who are in our VA hospitals and in our mental hospitals who suffer everyday from their service to their country. They too have given the ultimate sacrifice. They have given their lives in a different way. They have to live with what they went through everyday.
Today, honor them by flying your American flag and give a moment of silence for all those men and women who have given of themselves for this country and who continue to serve on the front lines to preserve our way of life.
Sammy Hagar has a song "Remember the Heroes", and in it is a line that goes "who's gonna fill their shoes?"
Let's pray there will always be those to protect our freedom. God Bless America.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pay At The Pump!

I put $30 in my work van and I didn't even get a quarter of a tank. Gas prices around here are at 3.21/gal and higher. In my business, fuel costs are a major consideration. With all the running around I do I put gas in my beast every couple of days or so. I have had to use my other vehicles for things such as appointments, running to the bank,etc. because they get better gas mileage.
The oil companies cry that they aren't making anything. Well, excuse me if I don't cry for you Argentina! They have been gouging us for years.The refineries are being blamed due to lack of maintenance. Alternative fuels have been around for years but Congress won't do anything with them because the big oil companies are paying them to keep them out of the game.
I invite anyone and everyone to weigh in on this and let me know how high gas prices have affected your business and/or lifestyle and what prices are where you're at. It may not change anything but getting it off your chest might make the squeeze at the pump not hurt so much.
I know this post really isn't cleaning related but I just have to vent about this and get it out there. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Best Price Please...

Whenever I hear those words I instantly know that person is a bargain hunter and doesn't care about quality. They simply want the lowest price. When I hear those words I tell them if they are looking for the lowest price - I'm not it.
They get my 'best price'. My best price for my time and quality of cleaning. I've been in this business for seven years now. I don't try to be the lowest price. Simply because I don't have to be. I don't mean that to sound arrogant but I have customers that have been with me since I started. They get my best cleaning because they are willing to pay for quality. That's what I provide. Quality cleaning for a fair price.
Being the lowest price might be good when you're starting out to get work. But it's hard to move away from that once you start that way. I don't recommend it.Get paid what you're worth and for what you do. You will end up making more for your time if you don't try to lowball everyone.Your service will be valued more and you will be able to command better prices later on and for other services. Hope this helps.