Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pay At The Pump!

I put $30 in my work van and I didn't even get a quarter of a tank. Gas prices around here are at 3.21/gal and higher. In my business, fuel costs are a major consideration. With all the running around I do I put gas in my beast every couple of days or so. I have had to use my other vehicles for things such as appointments, running to the bank,etc. because they get better gas mileage.
The oil companies cry that they aren't making anything. Well, excuse me if I don't cry for you Argentina! They have been gouging us for years.The refineries are being blamed due to lack of maintenance. Alternative fuels have been around for years but Congress won't do anything with them because the big oil companies are paying them to keep them out of the game.
I invite anyone and everyone to weigh in on this and let me know how high gas prices have affected your business and/or lifestyle and what prices are where you're at. It may not change anything but getting it off your chest might make the squeeze at the pump not hurt so much.
I know this post really isn't cleaning related but I just have to vent about this and get it out there. Thanks for reading.

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Don, the Window Cleaner said...

We are up to about 3.10 here in Gainesville, FL. My car is small, so it has merely been annoying.

I've tried to keep in mind that we've been paying per gallon what Europe has been paying for a liter for years. We have been raised on cheap gas (50 cents per when I started driving) and $3 seems outrageous. I guess we are all like smokers, now, who went to and from similar prices since the 70s.

Well, we are not going to be the big game in town for much longer. China and India have been bidding up and buying up oil leases with a vengeance. Both are bigger than we are, and their economies are growing and developing at a rapid pace. If even a window cleaner can figure this out, I hope leaders of both major parties and the big industries are planning on something different in the future!