Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gain by "giving" away

I bought my work van "used" to say the least. Today I went to get the rear view mirror mounted as it didn't have one when I bought it. I went to a local glass shop and they put it on free of charge.
I then went over to a tire shop to get a spare tire mounted. The guy that sold me the van gave me a tire to see if the owner of the tire shop would trade with me. He did. And I got a better tire for a spare. I also got that free of charge.
Both of these businesses just gained a new customer. All it cost them was a little time. They gave me something they just as easily could have charged for - but they didn't.The glass shop could have charged for mounting the mirror, and the tire shop could have charged me for mounting the tire.
If any of my vehicles need tires or window or glass repair - I will visit these businesses first. Simply because of the money they saved me this time around. They gave me value right out of the gate. For that, they gained my loyalty.
Have you given your customers value today? Think of ways to "give away" a product or service to gain new customers and I guarantee your business will explode.
Both of these businesses did and they now have a new customer.
Hope this helps.


Don, the Window Cleaner said...

When I clean someone's windows I also do the bathroom mirrors for free without mentioning it. It's a nice surprise, and one that people talk about!

Chad said...

That's exactly what I mean!You are giving your customers value which is really what they want - not just "best price".
Excellent example and thanks for sharing!