Saturday, May 12, 2007

Best Price Please...

Whenever I hear those words I instantly know that person is a bargain hunter and doesn't care about quality. They simply want the lowest price. When I hear those words I tell them if they are looking for the lowest price - I'm not it.
They get my 'best price'. My best price for my time and quality of cleaning. I've been in this business for seven years now. I don't try to be the lowest price. Simply because I don't have to be. I don't mean that to sound arrogant but I have customers that have been with me since I started. They get my best cleaning because they are willing to pay for quality. That's what I provide. Quality cleaning for a fair price.
Being the lowest price might be good when you're starting out to get work. But it's hard to move away from that once you start that way. I don't recommend it.Get paid what you're worth and for what you do. You will end up making more for your time if you don't try to lowball everyone.Your service will be valued more and you will be able to command better prices later on and for other services. Hope this helps.


Don, the window cleaner said...

You are so right. For years I have been the last person in town to raise his rates. I do it periodically, but it is an agonizing process. I conscientiously strive to give good service, yet I have been below trhe cost of inferior services. Last year, I actually started getting checks in the mail from customers who thought I had not charged them enough!

Well, I gave myself a big raise this year. No one has uttered a sound, and I still have all the work I can handle.

Love your blog! I will feature you on my site!

Chad said...

Thanks Don! Glad to hear your raise has worked out and thanks for the link.