Friday, March 16, 2007


I just realized I hadn't posted my cleaning tip this week. Sorry about this! It's been a busy week. Today's tip deals with the proper way to clean and care for your floors. Hope this helps.

Too many times I've been called to a customer's house or place of business to look at their floors and I go in and usually the story goes like this - they had a new floor put in X months ago and just haven't been happy with how it looks lately. They tell me they sweep and mop it but now it's dull,scratched up,etc. and want to get that "new look" to it again.
So I ask the $10,000 question - "Do you have a floor care plan?" 9 out of 10 times I get a "what do you mean?" response or just a simple "no".They get the new floor but have no idea how to properly care for it.
One thing I tell people is the floor catches everything. Therefore you must have a floor care plan in place to keep it looking good. Especially in businesses. They get high traffic and need constant care.
When you have a new floor installed or have a floor that needs attention - talk to local floor cleaning professionals about cleaning it up and get on a consistent program to keep it up. This will vary as to what type of flooring we're talking about. Different types of floor will require different types of care. Get more than one estimate - I recommend at least three.
I also don't advise on "doing it yourself". Too many times I have been called when someone tried doing it the way they thought it should be done and I had to redo it - costing them even more money. If you don't have experience for that type of floor. Call a professional. It will save you money and grief in the long run because they will know the proper way to care for it.
The main point is this - Your floor catches everything and says volumes about your business. It should be properly maintained and cleaned with a floor care program. If you have questions or have a floor cleaning horror story - please share. Thanks!

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