Thursday, April 3, 2008

Learning to Let go

I apologize for not posting for so long but there have been some major changes going on with me and my company.
For one I have been diagnosed as the proud father of a bouncing baby ulcer. I won't go into details on everything but let's just say I have been forced to slow down in my day to day operations and have been making changes to move me to a more "hands off" role in the cleaning. Also i have had to make changes in my diet and lifestyle as well. I don't drink or smoke or anything but the days of eating pretty much what I want are gone. Plus I'm a worrier. Just ask my wife. I drive her crazy with my obsessing about with the rotten diet,crazy hours and my constant worrying - it's no surprise it's come to this.

The good news is my employees and ops assistant have really stepped up and are handling things so that I may stay home at least 3 nights a week. Which has really helped my health in that I am getting more sleep and not just working myself in the ground. Plus I am eating at home more and not eating junk while I'm out working.

This has all been a major transition for me and I ask for your prayers and good thoughts as we make this life change. It is hard after eight years to start letting go when I have been involved intimately in the day to day cleaning and operations and trust someone else to handle it for me. That has been the biggest hurdle. I just pray God continues to bless me with good people and plenty of work to keep things rolling. Now that I will have more time, I am going to be focusing on building business and doing other things - including spending more time with my wife and kids.

If you have been put in a similar situation as mine I would love to hear any tips, comments, or observations that you had in making your transition in your life. Thanks for reading!

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